This is a condensed version of my story.

I was born July 3rd 1956.I was the 3rd of 4 kids.I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.My father was a school teacher and my mom was a housewife.My father was a non drinking alcoholic.My parents always provided for us kids as far as food and a roof over our head,however, they were always fighting.While I was going to school I was always in sports.By the time I got to high school I was a full fledge jock.I didn't drink until I got out of highschool. I wanted to take good care of my body,always getting plenty of sleep and on a healthy diet.After I graduated, my highschool sweetheart and I broke up.This was devastating to me.At this point I decided to go to a bar with a guy I worked with.That is where I drank my first beer.The first time I drank was just like the last time because I got drunk.I could never drink just a little I always had to get drunk.At first it was only on weekends.It began to be more frequent and after about 6 months I started smoking pot with my drinking.From this point it just got worse.I started losing jobs,friends and self respect.All I cared about was getting high.This would continue to be my way of life for 20 years.I went through dozens of jobs and several relationships.I have been arrested several times and every one of them was alcohol or drug related,never once injuring anyone or getting convicted.That is a direct result of God taking care of me.I was married once and told myself I would never marry again.August of 1982 after getting out of the hospital for alcohol related illness I met a girl.We moved in together and after about a year and a half she told me she was pregnant.Nine months later I became a father.This didnít slow me down though,I continued to drink and drug.We stayed together for 12 years.Things were never very happy.I was destroying all of us.Finally she had enough and she kicked me out.This was the best thing that she could have done.I decided to go into treatment to get her back.After being in treatment for a few days I decided I needed to be sober for myself.This is when life started for me.After I got out of treatment I went into a halfway house for recovering alcoholics.I finished thier program in four months and they asked me to become the resident manager.I accepted and over the next year and a half was able to abstain from drinking.Also during this time I married and we became a family again.This time we have a chance.We have been happier in the short time we have been back together than we ever were before.I have several good friends and am on my third year of a very good job.